Spring in the ‘jing

IMG_0120.JPGPlaying with Lulu was loads of fun, and I was blessed to meet many other amazing musos, as Justin called us.  He was helping to manage Fubar, a little speakeasy at Worker’s Stadium, and on Wednesday nights he opened up the stage for an open jam.  Orville came and played drums and bass, the crowd was not too big, it was great fun messing around with simple tasty grooves.  Did I mention I love playing music with people?  It gives my life purpose and meaning.

I visited Chris in Shanghai in April, stayed in the hotel above Kaibar.  We met up with Lulu for charcuterie, and met Feury’s family.  I loved the plane trees lining the streets in the French concession area.  The museum in the center of town had a pretty impressive collection of ancient chinese ceramics.  It was my first time on a high-speed Chinese train, and I finally got the sense that I was living in a country on the upswing.  Heading forward at full speed, heedless of danger, confident of success.  I started playing bass for Bosscuts, mostly covers of the Meters and Booker T & the MGs.  We played the Mushroom Festival at Mako livehouse.  Joy and Carlos came to see that one.  Gosh, now I remember that I went with Joy to that museum right underneath military museum.  Gustav Klimt and his contemporaries.  I wish I had done a better job of keeping a diary here, but things just moved so fast, I felt the momentum of my life was out of my control.  I danced with Claire at Migas, that was a quirky brief love affair.  We played badminton in my courtyard, and afterwards we relaxed on my bed.  I wanted her, but she was modest and said, “The Forbidden City is closed to visitors on Sunday.”  I would meet someone else at Migas a month later, and that encounter would change my life in China in ways I could not have foreseen.


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